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06 July 2008 @ 01:29 am
something for you guys <3 i just seemed kinda neat to do; and its been on my mind - i don't know why. a lot of certain people on my FL have been a huge part of me lately ; And I hope you know who you are.

We all have secrets, or something about us that's quirky that we don't always just out-and-share.
But I feel like everyone also needs an outlet somehow. A non-biased party that is there to simply hear
Have anything you want to share? Anger, love, sadness, grief? Anything goes.
You can post as much as you want, anonymously or not. Comments will be screened in case you don't want to post Anon.

:it feeds off of you: sympatheticsympathetic
:singing along to: lol cake challenges.